July 7, 2022


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Carol Kirkwood on everlasting nerve harm after 'horrific' accident – peripheral neuropathy

The incident occurred in the course of the COVID-19 lockdown when Kirkwood was out on her bike close to Slough, Berkshire. As a self-confessed avid bike owner, the incident turned Carol’s life the wrong way up and he or she struggled to get again on a motorcycle for a while. “I will not ever neglect that accident, it was horrific,” Kirkwood mentioned on the time, while chatting to colleagues Louise Minchin and Annie Emmerson. “My knee was completely battered and there have been nerves hanging out of it! It was all the way down to my knee cap!”

When requested how badly she was injured following the incident, Kirkwood mentioned that her accidents had been described by her boss as “it regarded like I’d been attacked by a shark,” with principally her left knee affected.

“I used to be carrying a helmet, fortuitously, so I solely bruised my nostril as a result of my helmet had a peak on the entrance, in any other case I might have face-planted. So I used to be fortunate,” she added.

Not solely was Kirkwood left bodily injured, the accident additionally left her mentally shaken, and unable to maintain up along with her health routine, which has meant she placed on undesirable weight throughout lockdown.

She continued to say: “I am completely scarred. I’ve additionally misplaced a number of the feeling in my knee in locations, and I’ve everlasting harm to my thumb joint and scarring to my elbow.

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“I attempt to watch out about my weight. I do know folks say don’t weigh your self day by day, however I do.

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“And I placed on about 10lbs throughout lockdown, as any individual very kindly identified to me. However I had had an accident, so I used to be motionless. I’m decided to lose the burden.

“My confidence biking on the street has gone to pot. I don’t try this now. I’m fearful now of biking on the street.

“It was such a shock. I had desires about it and I nonetheless do. Typically, I nonetheless get upset speaking about it. It’s not on my thoughts on a regular basis, however I dream about being hit.”


To be able to try to overcome her accidents, Kirkwood began to do her personal remedy and train, together with velocity strolling as a substitute of working.

The Mayo Clinic explains that knee ache is a standard grievance that always outcomes after harm similar to a ruptured ligament or torn cartilage. Pre-diagnosed medical circumstances — together with arthritis, gout and infections can even trigger knee ache.

Though signs of knee ache rely on the reason for the issue, the indicators and signs that accompany ache embody:
Swelling and stiffness
Redness and heat to the contact
Weak point or instability
Popping or crunching noises
Lack of ability to totally straighten the knee.

For extra traumatic knee accidents, which the NHS describe as an harm attributable to a twist or fall, signs can even embody sharp ache, achiness, restriction of bending the knee.

A symptom similar to knee numbness can prolong both down or up the leg and might have many potential causes. Typically, outdoors forces urgent on the leg and knee can result in numbness. Whereas accidents to the kneecap and behind the knee can even trigger numbness.

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When you or somebody you already know experiences persistent ache or discomfort within the knee it is very important search medical recommendation, particularly if people begin to develop a fever or can see apparent deformities.

In Kirkwood’s case, an harm has left her with everlasting nerve harm, also called peripheral neuropathy. Though Kirkwood has by no means been recognized with the situation it’s estimated that just about one in 10 folks over the age of 55 within the UK endure from it.

One of many fundamental causes of peripheral neuropathy is each sort 1 and a couple of diabetes, as nerve harm is related to excessive blood sugar ranges. Nonetheless it’s attainable that bodily harm to the nerves can even set off the situation.

The primary signs of peripheral neuropathy, which might both be fixed or might come and go embody:

  • Numbness and tingling within the ft or fingers
  • Burning, stabbing or taking pictures ache in affected areas
  • Lack of steadiness and coordination
  • Muscle weak point, particularly within the ft.

For some people the underlying causes of neuropathy can’t be handled. However for others, nerve ache is often handled with antibiotics, also called neuropathic ache brokers, or by means of using physiotherapy and strolling aids.

Physiotherapy helps to revive motion and performance when somebody is affected by harm, sickness or incapacity. With the assistance of a physiotherapist and tailor-made train recommendation, people ought to be capable of deal with the underlying explanation for peripheral neuropathy.

If the underlying explanation for peripheral neuropathy shouldn’t be handled, you could be liable to creating probably severe issues, similar to a foot ulcer that turns into contaminated. Though solely in extreme instances, this could result in gangrene if untreated, and presumably foot amputation.

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