August 8, 2022

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Dementia: Signs that may happen within the night – indicators of 'sundowning' to identify

Dementia is a time period used for a spread of situations that have an effect on the mind. Every of those situations prevents the mind cells – or neurons – from functioning correctly, which can have an effect on their reminiscence, ideas and speech. The most typical sorts of dementia are Alzheimer’s illness, vascular dementia, frontotemporal dementia and Lewy physique dementia.

The everyday signs of dementia embody reminiscence loss, confusion, and issues with speech and understanding, and these get progressively worse over time.

In line with Dementia UK, some sufferers will expertise a phenomenon referred to as “sundowning”.

This refers to a change in behaviour within the night.

The charity explains: “Sundowning is a time period used for modifications in behaviour that happen within the night, round nightfall.

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“Some individuals who have dementia expertise a rising sense of agitation or nervousness right now.

“Sundowning usually makes the particular person with dementia really feel very strongly that they’re within the incorrect place.

“They may say they should go residence, even when they’re at residence, or that they should decide the youngsters up from college, even when they’re now adults.”

Different signs of sundowning may embody shouting or arguing, pacing, or changing into confused about who individuals are or what’s occurring round them.


Dementia UK advises:

  • Observe a daytime routine that comprises actions the particular person enjoys
  • Attempt to restrict their consumption of caffeinated and alcoholic drinks
  • Attempt to restrict daytime naps to encourage them to sleep effectively at evening
  • Shut the curtains and switch the lights on earlier than nightfall to ease the transition into evening–time
  • If doable, cowl mirrors, home windows and glass doorways
  • Keep away from giant meals within the night
  • Introduce a night routine with actions the particular person enjoys however attempt to maintain tv or radio stations set to one thing calming and quiet.
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Dementia is most typical in individuals over the age of 65, however can happen at any age.