July 6, 2022


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Did you’ve gotten Covid months in the past? You possibly can be vulnerable to a 'bleeding occasion' warns specialists

To assemble their findings, the researchers tracked the well being of simply over a million individuals who examined constructive for Covid between February 2020 and Could 2021 in Sweden, and in contrast them with 4 million individuals of the identical age and intercourse who had not had a constructive check.

Put up covid an infection, they discovered an elevated danger of:

  • Blood clots within the leg, or deep vein thrombosis (DVT), for as much as three months
  • Blood clots within the lungs, or pulmonary embolism, for as much as six months
  • Inner bleeding, akin to a stroke, for as much as two months.

When the researchers in contrast the dangers of blood clots after Covid to the conventional stage of danger, they discovered that 4 in each 10,000 Covid sufferers developed DVT in contrast with one in each 10,000 individuals who did not have Covid.

About 17 in each 10,000 Covid sufferers had a blood clot within the lung in contrast with fewer than one in each 10,000 who didn’t have Covid.

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