July 6, 2022


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'Francis Rossi destroyed the unique Standing Quo' stated founder Alan Lancaster

IN 2016, Lancaster spilled the main points in an interview with Australian TV: “

“Francis turned… I name him the anti-Quo’ist. All the pieces to do with the unique band he appeared to abhor. He bought to dislike administration, he bought to dislike John, all people within the band. All the pieces to do with the band, the unique, he disliked. He wished to do all of it on his personal for ages. One after the other he step by step bought to oust us all.

“It was unthinkable that certainly one of us may depart the band – we’d simply reached the highest of our tree. John simply bought ousted by Francis. Someday he got here into my room and he stated, ‘We’re getting so and so in.,’ Me and Rick had been taking part in backgammon. We thought nothing of it… 

“We had been in Switzerland making an album and the following day John Coghlan was on a airplane again residence. Pete Kircher got here in to substitute him, and we made the worst album we’ve ever made.

“John might be among the best swing shuffle drummers on this planet. There’s only a few that may play that stuff correctly, however Francis was having nothing of it. He simply wished to eliminate him.”

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