July 5, 2022


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Methods to do away with small black flies: Sundew plant 'excellent at trapping fungus gnats

By permitting the compost to dry out between waterings, you’ll significantly scale back the fungus gnat inhabitants.

Whenever you do water the plant, chorus from pouring water on the highest of the soil. 

As an alternative, sit the plant within the sink, or bathtub with a couple of inches of water in, or on a saucer of water, from which it might absorb the water by the underside of the pot utilizing its roots. 

You can even strive utilizing gravel mulch to assist do away with the flies. 

Gardeners World defined: “When you cowl the floor of the compost with a one-centimetre thick mulch of gravel, grit or decorative glass pebbles, it will cease home plant flies from having the ability to lay their eggs. 

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