July 5, 2022


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Must you preserve tomatoes within the fridge or the cabinet? Reality-checked

You could have seen that tomatoes aren’t refrigerated within the grocery store if you purchase them, and there might be a superb purpose for this.

In line with a US examine performed in 2016, chilling tomatoes for per week may dramatically cut back the degrees of flavour and perfume chemical compounds often called “volatiles”.

BBC Science Focus journal defined that the examine “discovered that chilling tomatoes for per week decreased the exercise of genes that code for enzymes wanted to synthesise these volatiles, that are accountable for giving tomatoes a sweeter, extra complicated style.”

In line with well being web site Mercola, the feel and color of a tomato will also be affected by chilly temperatures and “chilling accidents” attributable to temperatures under 5C can go away the fruit smooth and pitted on the floor.

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