July 6, 2022


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The best way to use a 'weed membrane' to remove 'tricker' weeds on the patio with out chemical compounds

Patio weeds pop up between paving slabs. They give the impression of being messy and so they can destabilise your paving. One British gardener mentioned the easiest way to kill weeds on the patio or driveway. Nicole Laird, who runs Nicole at Cherry Backyard and is the co-host of the Let’s Develop Women podcast advises a sure software.

Nicole is a Peterborough-based reduce flower grower, allotmenteer, and dahlia queen and has appeared on Gardener’s World.

She defined why weeds are harder when they’re on the patio.

She mentioned: “Patios generally is a bit trickier as a result of they prefer to develop between slabs.

“Attempt laying some good weed membrane beneath them to cease them developing within the first place.”

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The best way to use a weed membrane on the patio

To remove weeds on the patio with a weed membrane takes a bit of labor, however will probably be worthwhile in the long term, in keeping with Nicole.

Pull up the patio or driveway and lay the membrane beneath it, earlier than inserting it again.

Weeb membrane can be used for flower beds, beneath mulch, beneath gravel, and beneath synthetic grass.

Three different strategies to do away with weeds on the patio


Your weeds will die inside 24 hours of a great dose of vinegar. Apply it liberally with a twig bottle.

Baking soda

Merely sprinkle baking soda on the leaves of the vegetation. This can dry out the plant and kill the roots. Baking soda will injury different vegetation across the weed within the flowerbed, however on paving stones it’s excellent.

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Salt kills weeds too, equally, by drying out the basis. Combine some sturdy salty water and pour it over your patio weeds.

For weeds in your garden or flower mattress, Nicole has a intelligent software, which she claims is the “finest technique”.

Nicole makes use of a Japanese gardening software to remove weeds within the backyard.

She makes use of a hori hori knife, with a curved, shovel-like blade.

It digs “deep into the bottom tackling as a lot of the basis as doable”.