July 6, 2022


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Use cat litter to assist your houseplants ‘thrive’ – ‘prevents plant from drying out’

Whether or not you are a long-time green-thumbed houseplant lover or a first-time plant mother or father, attending to grips with indoor gardening may be troublesome. Most houseplants have their very own distinctive set of care directions, with some preferring extra gentle than others. Nonetheless, whatever the species of plant you have got, gardening specialists at Hunker have shared that utilizing cat litter can actually assist your vegetation in terms of drainage.

The indoor plant specialists stated: “Kitty litter can present a component some houseplants actually, really want to thrive by helping with drainage. 

“Houseplants together with succulents and bulb vegetation will die in the event that they sit for too lengthy in water-soaked soil.”

Gardeners ought to understand that well-draining soil does not simply let extra water cross by means of. 

With a view to be efficient, the soil has to create air areas that give the plant roots oxygen.

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For vegetation that do not want many vitamins and actually hate moist toes like aloe vera, change the soil combine to 1 half cat litter with one half loam-based potting soil and one half horticultural grit. 

It is the cat litter that holds moisture sufficient to maintain the roots glad, but when the roots need much less, use much less.


Bulb vegetation – like daffodils, hyacinths, and lilies – are the enjoyment of the spring backyard, however they may also be fantastic spring houseplants. 

The specialists stated: “Kitty litter is a superb bulb plant soil because it gives the circumstances the vegetation have to thrive: well-draining soil that enables extra water to exit, however holds sufficient to maintain the bulb from drying out, and enough air pockets for oxygen.”

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They suggested utilizing light-weight non-clumping litter.